Happy New Year!

Earlier this month, I changed the data centre that JC-J.IN operates from in Asia from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Singapore. The new data centre is operated by SingTel at their Comcentre Building, who say “SingTel EXPAN has one of the most extensive regional points of presence with 8 robust and secured data centre facilities located in 4 countries; Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore.” It has excellent connectivity to all areas of mainland China, India, Indonesia, Japan and Australia. You can see the ping times here. Our JC-J.IN and JC-J.ASIA web pages now run from here, as do the subdomain blog.jc-j.asia. Since moving to the new data centre in Singapore, the speed of response of these websites has doubled.

In addition, I moved one of the DNS servers from Miami, USA to Milan, Italy. This was done to take advantage of the excellent service and connectivity at the Milan Internet Exchange (Mix). This is the largest in Italy and one of the top in Europe. “Mix is a point of “multiple interconnection” in which the networks of each player (ISP, carrier, content provider, hoster etc…) interconnect themselves to exchange IP traffic (peering) efficiently and with advantageous costs compared to the transit.” This will further improve the reliability of the DNS of the JC-J.COM network. The response time from this new location has been significantly improved and is showing reduced variation.

In a few days, the data centre I use on the west coast of the USA will change from San Jose, California to Las Vegas, Nevada. This change is due to certain network issues that have remained unresolved. Downtime during the move over is expected to be 15 – 24 hours. This will only affect one of our four DNS servers and the other three DNS servers will be unaffected. No other services will be affected during this downtime. The new data centre is at Fiberhub, who say ” our datacenter facilities offer a safe, secure environment for your IT infrastructure, mission-critical data, business applications, or disaster recovery location.  Businesses across the US and abroad are choosing Fiberhub for their colo needs for good reason.”

Overall, I expect these changes to further improve the performance of the JC-J.COM network.